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Welcome to the blog of Crooked Coop Farm! Our homestead was founded in 2012 when Chris and I (Anna) moved with our two small boys to a rural town in Southern Wisconsin. We were never county folks before we moved here prior to the move we lived in cities and suburbs, so this has been a new adventure for all of us. 

We decided to go rural because we wanted to raise our own animals and grow our own food in efforts to develop a more self reliant lifestyle. We grow organic vegetables and raise free range chickens and ducks for both eggs and meat. We feel although these staples are readily available to us the skills to do it ourselves are an important tool and one we would like to pass down to our children. So far since moving here we have learned how to raise and butcher our own meat, successfully grow our own vegetables and have become friends with our wonderful farmer neighbors who have helped us along the way.

After some time here my husband and I decided that not only to we want to provide organic food to our family but we want to provide it to the community as well. Along with that we want to continue sharing what we have learned about self reliant living, and that is when this blog was born. Here we want to share what we are learning, inform you of where you can find us at markets and record our adventure. 

Chris is also a chef by trade so we would also like to share recipes using the products we grow as a way to show our readers how to eat healthy from either the farm our your backyard. I am an artist so there will be many creative how to posts along the way as well.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Chris and Anna

You can find more information about our farm and artwork  at www.crookedcoopfarm.com 

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