Monday, April 11, 2016

Updates From the Homestead

Spring is here in Wisconsin let the hard work begin! We have just finished hibernating for the year and its time to get things going around Crooked Coop Farm.

The seeds have been started inside a hot house, and we are preparing for the garden and farming season ahead. We will have more work than usual in the garden this year since we bulked up our production plans for the summer. This year we will have our vegetables at the Oconomowoc  WI Farmer's market weekly throughout the season (June through October), and have been in contact with two other markets that we plan to attend and will have details for soon. Aside from the markets we also have been talking with restaurants who are looking to add local certified organic produce to their menu. This is new for us. We have been on the other side of the restaurant buisness preparing and serving food for years but are new to supplying it. As we go along through the process we will update and let our readers know what restaurant will have our produce on their menu. It's exciting to be on the other end of the restaurant experience. 

Last year we helped supply a few grocery stores with some goodies from the garden. It was on a small scale and we were really just getting our feet wet, but it was still exciting to see vegetables we harvested on the store shelves even if it was a small amount. This year we, along with our partner, will be supplying a large amount of produce to two well known local grocers throughout the entire growing season. Details and updates to follow.

That's a bit of an update on the business end of the farm. As far as the homestead goes we are growing! Not in people this time but in livestock. We have two very pregnant ewes that are expecing to deliver any day now. The girls are  showing all signs of readiness from their physical appearance to their uncomfortable gait and it can happen any time. Last year we had one deliver on the 12th and one on the 14th. Unfortunately out of both deliveries we lost two lambs and only had one survive. We still considered ourselves blessed to have him and he kept us fed through the winter. Prayers the lambs and mothers will all be healthy this year.

With the lambs also brings the additions of chickens and ducks to the pasture. We will be placing our order soon to add to both our laying flocks and our freezer. Since I didn't grow up with a lifestyle like this it took a while to get used to the idea or raising our own animals for food, but after a few trips around the sun and living this lifestyle I can say the benefits were worth the lifestyle change. Although it's a more difficult life to live I wouldn't trade the hardships and lessons learned for anything. A freezer full of healthy and humanely raised meat is just a bonus.

We will keep you updated on our sheep along with everything else as we continue on our journey. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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