Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Home Made Bloody Mary Mix from the Garden

 After a long day of canning our extra tomatoes from the farmer's market we were blessed with just enough fresh tomato juice to make the most perfect Bloody Mary's my husband and I ever had.  We are not normally "bloody Mary people" but the ingredients were so fresh and delicious it was nearly impossible to pass this drink up.

I usually make crushed tomatoes when I am canning because they are pretty easy to process, and I am still new at garden preserving.  It still takes a few hours per batch to make so with a couple batches to process this is easily a whole day event. What's better after a whole day of hard work than a delicious cocktail?

The juice we used as our mix base was straight fresh tomato juice left in my pot after cooking down the tomatoes. It was full of vitamins and flavor by itself but we spiced it up with a few things anyway. To make our cocktails we used 2 cups of leftover fresh juice that had been strained of seeds and added these ingredients...

1 T+ Worcestershire sauce
1/4 t granulated garlic
2 pinches of celery salt
1 pinch of sugar
2 dashes of pepper
1/2 t salt
(Chris even spiced his up a bit by adding a very small amount of minced fresh aurora pepper...yum)

We stirred all the ingredients together mixing well and set it aside. Next we prepared our mason jars (the perfect glass for an after canning cocktail in my opinion ) by giving them a salt and pepper rim. To do this we just sprinkled salt and pepper into a small plate dampened the rim of the jar and pressed it into the salt mixture.

Next we filled the glass with ice poured in 1 generous shot of vodka and topped it with the prepared mix. To garnish the drink we used ingredients fresh from our garden and other bits we bought at the farmers market and stuck them on bamboo skewers.

I encourage you to try this next time you can your tomatoes. It is a fun treat after a hard day of work.


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