Monday, August 24, 2015

Updates From the Studio

Things in the studio have been just as busy as things on the farm these days. We set up our weekly farmers market booth with both my artwork and our vegetables, and I try to rotate my inventory and keep things unique each week.

This summer I stumbled upon a broken cedar fence that pretty much changed the direction of everything that comes out of my studio. I have always loved recycling wood to use as a canvas for my paintings, but up until I found the fence I have never pieced them together the way I now do. Now to make my art I find the best pick of the fencing finding the boards with the most knots and grains and brace them together on the back to create a rustic, worn "canvas". What like most about using this pieced together technique is sanding the piece after I finish painting it to reveal the wood through my brightly colored art. I think it is a fun contrast between colors and texture...two of my favorite things to work with.

I'm not sure how it started but after I pieced together my first canvas I decided to paint a rainbow trout on it. I am a nature lover by heart but this was my first time painting a fish. After I painted one I couldn't get enough and began to paint more varieties of fish followed by different varieties of wild life. Since then my studio and the walls of our market booth have been covered in fish, deer, fox and other critters. The responses from our customers have been wonderful. We live on an area full of lakes and lake houses, and my artwork has found many homes here. The rustic look fits perfectly with lake living.

After the positive feedback from the market I updated my online store as well with a few pieces. I want to create a variety different than what is available at the markets to reach a broader audience and keep Crooked Coop Farm fresh.

Aside from selling the pieces I have been getting an overwhelming response for me to show my artwork at different venues, markets and shops. Currently I am looking into a few possible show places and will update as soon as possible.

I have been working on making a living as an artist since I graduated college 8 years ago with a bachelor's degree in fine art; it has been a slow process with many ups and many downs, tons of hard work and a bit of luck. Finally the dream has begun to fall into place and it is giving me a reliable income while I work from home to take care of my 3 kiddos. Not an easy road but it has been one worth the journey.

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