Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Purple and Patriotic

This summer my Pallet Flags have sold like crazy! Between the Oconomowoc Farmer's Market and selling by word of mouth I completely sold out of my stock! One of the flags that I was particularly excited about was this custom purple flag made out of old cedar fencing. I made it the same as the pallet flags by breaking the fencing apart and putting it back together the way I needed it just with a different type of wood. Then I painted it in shades of purple to match the colors of the recipients living room. After it was painted I gave it a rough sanding to give it a little wear and a cohesive look. 

For the sake of photographing the piece I used an old art easel that was given to me by a friend. Normally  I use the easel as a trellis for my clematis growing in the front yard but I thought it would make a great prop for my flag. It may seem odd to keep junk in the front yard of a house you are trying to update and fix up, but for some reason it just makes me happy to have an old painted up easel sitting in my flower garden :) 

(Please excuse the weeds growing underneath my trellis the farther along I went in my pregnancy the less important garden maintenance was for me)

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