Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Make Your Own Homemade Crayons

I'm sure I'm not the only mom out there with stir crazy kids looking for indoor activities to keep them entertained. It has been way too cold to play out side or even go to school in Wisconsin so my boys have been running wild destroying the house. To settle them down and give them a project I found a few recipes to recycle crayons and make these large crayon blocks then altered the recipes to make our own.

We had tons of bits and pieces of broken crayons laying around the house in crayon boxes, the basement and toy boxes some of them I think were even mine from when I was little. Just looking for them all was a project in itself.

To make them you will need:
  • A collection of broken crayons
  • an old cupcake tin(s)
  • an oven

This is how we made ours:
  • Once we hunted down out lot of broken crayons we needed to peel all the extra wrappers, this was the most time consuming part. 

  • After the wrappers were off I had the boys sort the crayons by colors in the cupcake tins. We separated ours by color but multicolored ones would be fun too.
  • After they are separated the crayon pieces need to be broken down into pea sized bits so they melt nicely.
  • We put the tins in the oven at 175 for about an hour until they were melted through then took them out let them cool on the counter in the tin.
  • Once they were cool they popped out pretty easy but if you have trouble put the tin in the freezer for a few minutes and that should help.
  • Be sure to use an old cupcake tin because the crayon will leave a residue behind.
  • After they were cooled they work just as well as blocks as they do crayons.

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