Friday, September 13, 2013

Updates from the Homestead

My husband and I get a lot of people who are interested in what's new on the farm, and what we have going on around here. Since most of the people the know are not farmers the life we live appears to be sort of exotic, and kind of intriguing. We just moved out to the country about a year and a half ago so for me at least it still is kind of exotic and certainly an adventure. We came this way to start a homestead for our family and begin living a more self sufficient and meaningful lifestyle. So far it has been a success...with many, many mistakes lessons learned... 

So this is what has been happening...

I finally have been able to grow sunflowers! I have tried a few times but nothing has ever come of them but I must have earned my green thumb because they have arrived and survived the chickens. I will definitely be growing more in future years I want enough to keep growing and some for bouquets. I also want to make a good batch of seeds eventually. 

Our pumpkins are also right on time too, and will be ready to be harvested soon! I was hoping to get at least 5 this year so I could carve a couple and try my first ever from scratch pumpkin pie, and as it is turning out I will have closer to 25 or 30! So that's awesome. Next year with my sun flowers I will try a few different strains of pumpkins along with some gourds. I want to devote a part of our land to autumn harvesting so maybe I will get some Indian corn in there too. I am a lover of the fall and autumn decorating so I could see this area getting out of hand.


Chris, aka my Hubby, is the idea guy when it comes to planning our livestock. Right now we have about 35, five week old chickens that we are raising for meat (this is where the name Crooked Coop Farm comes in), and they appear to be ready to move out of their brooder (starter) coop and back by our laying chickens for the last five weeks. The layers also have been keeping up with production and we have been getting about 10 -12 eggs a day. Chris has been doing a really good job when it comes to ordering our animals, we have more people that want them than we can keep up to already, plus plenty for ourselves! So props to the hubby!

We harvested our potatoes, and they were the best potatoes I have ever eaten! We still have some blue potatoes I am pretty excited about trying but those won't be ready for a bit yet. In the place of our red, and German butterball potatoes we planted some cold hardy crops so we have kale, radishes and spinach. It looks like the radishes have sprouted and the others should be following soon. I think we will be able to harvest the kale up until winter.

We still have a couple different cabbages, rutabagas, tomatoes, tomatillios and a variety of peppers that are doing good yet too. We are able to harvest something every day and have extras to give to other people.

This is one days worth of tomatoes so I will soon be spending my days sweating over our canner in no time. My goal is to get us through the year without having to buy canned tomato anything. I love grabbing home made sauces from a stockpile in our food storage area. It is a lot of work to grow, harvest and can your own food but it is so worth it to know where your food came from. It also saves a lot of money. With our new attempt at self sufficiency we are also trying to live a more frugal lifestyle. Which can be tricky for a family of four but we are making it work.

And the last update from Crooked Coop Farm is that I should be selling some of my wood signs and chicken feed bags turned totes at a few craft fairs this holiday season. I have a couple lined up and am working out the details. I will update when I know more details. This sign has been my top seller so far, and I have been getting a lot of good feedback from it in my Etsy shop so I am keeping positive about the upcoming shows. 

So far this this homestead idea has proven to be quite the journey, and one that I am anxious to continue. I really like blogging and sharing the adventure too! Although I did kind of space there in August while I was organizing our blogging plan, it helps me keep in touch what is really happening around here, and also documents the process so one day if this blog is till accessible I will be able to share a with memories with the kiddos. Alright then, so keep an eye on us and I would love to hear about your self reliant ideas and homesteading adventures too!

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