Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painted Optimus Prime Night Stand

In yesterday's post I mentioned it was our oldest son's birthday and shared some homemade party decorations. Today's post is to share his birthday present, an old table turned into an imaginative night stand . This table was found at a rummage sale and originally was a pink color perfect for a  little girl's room but....I have boys. I wanted to turn this into something fun that was both useful and interactive. Like many 5 year old little boys out there he is in love with transformers especially Optimus Prime so what better way to take advantage of the tables boxy shape but turn it into a representation of the character himself. First I primed the table and blocked in the colors, then I went back and added the details using photos I found online as a reference. I then outlined it using sharpie paint markers and gave it a final coat of a clear satin finish to protect the paint. Our five year old loved the final results and now he has a new place to keep his treasures.

I love mural painting and decorating furniture most especially projects for children, and I think both are a fun way to heighten imaginations. Here are a couple more examples of  children's furniture pieces I have transformed from old  furniture found at thrift stores. 

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