Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Easy Sew Rustic Party Bunting

Today is our oldest child's 5th birthday! When there is a birthday in the house I like to start the birthday boy's day by decorating so when they wake up the decorations are the first thing they see. I used to buy the streamers and other colorful hanging things to decorate for them, and the house would always look good, but I would have to buy them for every birthday every year. Wanting to look for a more economical approach to decorating decided to start making my own party bunting using scrap fabric I was given by my Grandmother and ribbon. It turns out the bunting is super easy to make and I really like the rustic homemade look they have when they are complete. 

To make them I took quilting scraps that have been cut to 5 x 5 inch squares put two squares together with the wrong sides facing in, and used a zigzag scissors to cut the pieces in triangle shapes. Since I pieced them together with the wrong sides in they can be hung up  in any direction and they ares still pretty to look at. Once they were cut I sewed them together with a straight stitch as they were without hemming them. Since they are not hemmed I think they are a bit more rustic looking...which I like. I will probably try to make more bunting with a hem to just to see how it goes. Once the triangle pieces were sewn together I sewed them to two pieces of ribbon of equal widths and lengths with a zigzag stitch. I sewed one piece to the front of the bunting and one piece to the back so when I hang them I can just tie them up. And that is it. The whole project took less than an hour.

For the sake of photography I used our chicken coop as a backdrop. I like it's weathered look and often use it to photograph my artwork....

like I did here with my Pallet Wood American Flag.

I like to piece the scraps together in a random pattern to give the bunting more of an eclectic look. I also use two different colored ribbon for the same reason.

The smaller bunting here was made the same way only using scraps from cutting the larger triangles I don't like to waste my art supplies so I always try to use each scrap. The smaller one is a bit more tedious but still took less than an hour to make.

Today I used the bunting to decorate for our son's big day but I think they work great for and party decorating inside or out. I imagine I will be making much more of these in the future for different occasions and you may eventually see them on our farm's Etsy shop.

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