Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recycled Little Golden Books

I added more recycled Little Golden Books to Crooked Coop Farm's Etsy Shop today! I make these using Little Golden Books that I find when I am treasure hunting at thrift stores and antique shops. To make them I remove the gold binding with a paper cutter, then I add blank recycled paper in between the story and bind the book together again using a spiral binding. I use these at home as journals for my boys but I have had customers use them for themselves too. I also have had a customer use a "Mother Goose" recycled Journal as a a guestbook for a baby shower which I thought was a pretty cute idea. 

Sometimes I am a little uneasy about cutting up a vintage book like it is something I "shouldn't be doing", but in my opinion what is the point of holding on to something just because it is old. By cutting them up and putting them back together again I am giving new life to the books and giving them a new purpose. Also, after I give them to my boys to color over and journal in they are much more valuable to me than they would be if they were on a shelf saved only because they are vintage. The boys like these over traditional blank journals too. My oldest has a recycled "My First Book About Planets" journal and he loves the extra story mixed in with his drawings, and it gives him extra avenues for his imagination. Since most of his drawings are hard to understand (he's only 4) I always make a note of what he tells me the drawing is of on the margin of the page. I think it is a fun way to record his ideas and create a keepsake out of the book.

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