Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to Crooked Coop Farm!

Welcome to the blog of Crooked Coop Farm! The photo to the left is our Crooked Coop the home to our own family of egg laying chickens and the occasional nosey sheep. The coop itself is crooked giving us our name "Crooked Coop Farm". 

My husband Chris and I (Anna) moved to a rural area of Southeastern Wisconsin in 2012 with dreams of a self reliant lifestyle. Since our move we have learned how to raise and butcher our own animals, grow organic vegetables and can our harvest. We have many more plans in our future and would like to share our adventure with you.

We also are on the hunt for knowledge and encourage our readers to leave comments and links sharing their stories as well. One of the greatest parts of living in the age of technology is sharing information and building  a community around the entire world. As you learn about our homestead please inform us of yours as well.

Today our farm consists of 3 sheep, 1 lamb,  37 young chicks, and 27 egg laying hens. We also have a certified organic garden soon to be full of spinach, lettuces, beans, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, herbs and  root vegetables among others. Also we are tending to an asparagus patch, established rhubarb, mulberry trees as well as wild raspberries and concord grape vines. All of this may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but the work is rewarding and because of it we can feed our family, friends and the community.

So my husband and I encourage you to follow our blog and share your storied in an effort to build a community of gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, families, artists and anybody else who is interested in living a natural self reliant lifestyle. We will continue to try to provide exciting how to projects, recipes and bits of our life with you while we raise our animals and 3 kids in a homesteading environment. 



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