Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vintage School Desk Makeover

We found this old school desk at the town dump in the free pile. It looked sturdy enough, and I have been looking for a table or desk for my boys to use for reading and coloring in the living room so we took it home. With a little love I knew this desk would be a perfect fit. All that was needed was for it to be cleaned and painted. I took the desk apart and spray painted the pieces individually with blue, silver and ivory paint before screwing them back together.  It was a simple enough project and since the desk opens the boys now  have a place to keep their crayons and coloring books.

The desk is more of a jungle gym for our little one but soon enough he will sit still long enough to use it.  Our oldest is excited for his first year of school and this desk will also give him a good place for homework. Fingers crossed that he maintains this excitement through college :)

If you have any DIY makeover transformations of your own please leave a link with a comment and I will check it out!



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