Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Flag

My first attempt at patriotic pallet art

I have been meaning to make use out of an old pallet we had for quite a while now originally planning it to be a landscape piece, but with the 4th of July I guess my patriotism got the best of me and I decided to make an American flag instead and I LOVE it! This piece will be hanging in our home all year round. This was a fairy simple project the hardest part was removing the planks from the panels and getting the little one to nap so I had a chance to paint it :)

All I did was use a hammer to carefully pry the planks from the pallet. The pallet was pretty old so most of the nails pulled through which made things a bit easier. After I had the planks removed I lined them up and nailed two pieces of wood that were once a part of our old windows to the back to act as a brace.

I already liked the natural look of the piece after I nailed it together...I see many future pallet projects ahead...

I used a water based acrylic paint for the project and layered the paint on rather loosely. Since I knew it was going to be distressed anyway I wasn't too careful painting, and I wanted the rustic folk look.

To add my stars I simply cut a star shape out of card stock and sprayed through the stencil with a white flat spray paint. (I like Rust-Oleum for most of my projects) The real fun is distressing it that is when the piece always gains it's character. I used a file and sandpaper to give it the rustic finish.After a little elbow grease my piece was ready to hang. I added wire to the back securing it with screws and heavy duty frame hanger. My flag should be good to go for this 4th of July and many others.


  1. This looks great. We have so many pallets around our farm. Must look at them in a new light. Love your work. Looked at your old blog. My best, Kristin

    1. Yeah you should make use of those old pallets... so many possibilities. Thank you Kristin!



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